General Information

Our preschool balances the support of a great institution with the benefits of a small preschool.

The support of a GREAT INSTITUTION

  • - More than 60 years of experience in education forming leaders.
  • Pioneers in Integral Formation and personalized attention.
  • Schools in 16 countries and 32 cities in Mexico.
  • International group of education experts (ICIF: International Center for Integral Formation), constantly updating to be at the forefront in academic programs.
  • Facilities from other school sections that complement preschool.

With the benefits of a SMALL PRESCHOOL

  • Small groups to attend personally to each student’s needs.
  • Exclusive areas for preschool, with facilities tailored for preschool children.
  • Competency-based academic program, in which the student is the focal point of learning. Learning through play is an important tool that we use for our student’s development.
  • Sports and cultural activities tailored for children this age.



Discover your baby high capacity development  while playing and learning with you!

A baby reaches its maximum level of neuronal development from birth to age three.

Our timely stimulation program "Baby Bambolino" is designed for babies develop in the psychomotor, cognitive, emotional-social and sensory areas.


It consists of five stages of development ranging from 3 to 18 months, in which the baby with the help of his mother:

  • Fortifies your body.
  • Develops self-confidence.
  • It generates social interaction skills, function independently and improve their learning ability.


In addition to developing and potentiate the psychomotor capacities and baby sensory areas, strengthens the mother and child bond and teaches practically healthy parenting styles that promote family well-being.
It is carried out in a child space for sensory stimulation through various materials and tools, psychological support to families and orientation by a specialist.